High Content Screening – Human Muscle Stem Cells

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High-Content Screening of Human Primary Muscle Satellite Cells for New Therapies for Muscular Atrophy/Dystrophy Results are encouraging A high-content/high-throughput platform was developed and utilized for robust phenotypic evaluation of human primary satellite cells in vitro for the discovery of chemical probes that may improve muscle recovery. A 1600 compound pilot screen [...]

Insulin FP Biosensor

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Development of a Cell-Based Fluorescence Polarization Biosensor Using Preproinsulin to Identify Compounds That Alter Insulin Granule Dynamics A new tool for studying insulin packaging and dynamics In this paper, we described a fluorescent insulin reporter system (preproinsulin-mCherry, PPI-mCherry) that tracks live-cell insulin dynamics and secretion in pancreatic beta cells with utility [...]

Niclosamide and Analogs Improve Fatty Liver Disease

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N-substituted Phenylbenzamides of the Niclosamide chemotype attenuate obesity related changes in high fat diet fed mice Results are encouraging In this manuscript, submitted to PLOS One, we describe that Niclosamide, an FDA-approved anthelmintic drug, and its phenylbenzamide analogs have efficacy in murine models of diet induced obesity characterized by attenuation of the prominent [...]